Hertzer Palace


The Herczer classicist palace was built in 1791. On the stone portal is carved the coat of arms of the Herczer family, which in the 18th century, thanks to postal work, became one of the richest and bought the nobility. Today, the Herczer Palace houses the Entomological Collection of Varazhdin High School Professor Franjo Koshchec. Collection of prof. Koshchec is presented in a permanent exhibition called The World of Insects, which was restored in the late 90s of last century, and according to experts and the audience that visits it, is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Europe. Through several themes: In the Forest, By the Forest and on the Meadow, In the Water and on the Shore, At Night and in the Ground, with approximately 4500 exhibits, the biology of insects is clearly shown in the exhibition. The exhibited objects are entomological preparations, vertebrate dermopreparations, herbarium specimens of plants, enlarged models of insects, photographs and various objects from the legacy of professor Koshchec. Among them are tools he designed and made to process his collections. In the part of the permanent exhibition, other Varazhdin naturalists from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century are also presented, and one room is arranged as the study of prof. Koshchec.

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Franjevački trg 10, 42000, Varaždin


(8 reviews)
The palace had a really good view, we really enjoyed the tour inside, the structure was perfect and the environment superb
Hertz palace is a great structured building. It is beautiful. I took a lot of photos. Excellent.
A tour at the palace was amazing with exhibits to see and entomological collections that are beautiful.
very good!!!
Sampling the entomological collections present in this collection was therapeutic. I loved how beautiful the palace was and appreciated the historological significance.
A great place with vast entomological collections. Numerous exhibits are found here. A place to learn.
The Entomology collection I saw in this place just freaked me out. I never knew such a large variety of insects ever existed. For insect lovers this is the place to visit. Touring this place gave me goosebumps
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