Angels Museum Varazdin


The Museum of Angels in Varazhdin displays paintings of angels that have been painted for decades, with a characteristic motif in the baroque atmosphere of the painter Zheljko Prstec. He gave his hometown a lasting place in the history of painting and a landmark: a city where angels sleep.
The painter's long-standing idea of the Museum of Angels in Varazhdin was finally realized on May 13, 2011. Artworks and actions by Zheljko Prstec have been taking place for years under the motto that Varazhdin is "the city where angels sleep".
Just as angels speak all languages, so Prstec's works are liked by everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or origin.

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Ul. Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića 14, 42000, Varaždin


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
The various paintings of angels present in this location speak into a beautiful work of art that was introduced in earlier decades and established its roots to the modern time. My frineds and I were awed by this discovery.
The creativity I saw in this museum was captivating. The artists were speaking their hearts out. Therefore there was a lot of diversity. Hence there is no specific theme. The beauty in this place was fascinating.
I never understood diversity in art until I visited this place. I was dumbfounded by the skills of these artists. There were amazing pieces of art
The paintings of the museum are top-notch. My husband wondered how painters did all this work. A museum to fancy.
The museum is interesting and holds paintings or various art installations of angels and also the gift shop offers amazing gifts.
The angel curio was beautiful. I brought my sister here on her birthday and she loved every moment of it. The angel paintings and photobooths were beautiful.
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