Gallery of Old and Contemporary Masters


The Varazhdin City Museum has housed the Gallery of Old and New Masters since 1939, whose holdings today include more than 5,300 works of art, arranged in ten collections. The department currently has two permanent exhibitions: a permanent exhibition of old masters and a permanent exhibition of Croatian masters of the 20th century, which are alternately exhibited on the first floor of the Baroque Sermage Palace.
The oldest in origin, among the works stands out the Madonna of Corn or Our Lady with Corn-cobs, painted in the technique of tempera on wood, the work of an unidentified master from the 15th century. It is one of about 80 paintings in Europe depicting the Virgin Mary in a dress made of corn-cob, which makes it a rarity and a real gem in the gallery holdings of the Varazhdin Museum.
Through the systematic collection of works of art by Croatian authors, a significant collection was created in the gallery's holdings, from which a permanent exhibition was formed at the end of 2006.

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Trg Miljenka Stančića 3, 42000, Varaždin


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
I enjoyed going through the exhibitions that had been displayed. It was a wonderful experience sampling contemporary and old art.
Very quiet and lovely place. The work of art is both amazing and satisfying , my family and I enjoyed the history lesson from some of the artefacts
Gorgeous place with many portraits of great rulers. We were thrilled by the good management of this place.
Amazing art works and exhibits were hanged and arranged around the art museum and the place looked lovely with soothing view of the place.
Art has always fascinated me. I visited this gallery and it surpased my imagination. I never knew the old and the new can be put together to produce something fabulous and magical. The art collection was mesmerizing.
It was a pleasure getting to view different arts from different artists and appreciate different cultures. Will definitely come back
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