The top of the beautiful mountain - Ivanscica is the highest point of Hrvatsko zagorje and also the widest lookout point on the mountain Ivanscica. The top part of Ivanscica is occupied by a number of buildings for various purposes, so the top has almost no natural features. today at the highest point stands an iron lookout pyramid 10 m high. This place is great for those who want recreation in nature, because its landscaped trails and lush greenery captivate every climber.

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very good!!!
It was thrilling to climb the top of the mountain,on top the views of the surroundings are magnificent. The buildings on top of the mountain has a number of various buildings that serve various purposes. We visited the spa where we were given a relaxing massage by the elegant, pleasant welcoming professionals after climbing the mountain.
The lush greenery is appealing to the eye, it glorifies the beauty of nature. It acted as a good backdrop for our photoshoot giving good looking shots and pictures. Every photographer and nature lover should visit this place.
We were delighted to find a good place for recreation in nature. A walk through the landscaped trails is therapeutic and good for exercises to keep the body fit. I loved every moment here.
The castle and the fortress were the most beautiful places I visited at this place. It was a very peaceful place where I enjoyed sitting in the well-mowed park which had many flowers of different colors. This cool environment made me feel at peace and happy. The other historical sites were amazing too.
Beautiful landscape that we had the chance to go for a hike around with my friends and we enjoyed every bit of it. Lovely nature with diverse features that were exciting and wonderful. I enjoyed the my time and we had a lot of fun through the whole tour.
Its a very nice place to visit. The mountain has various peaks that we enjoyed hiking up and once at the peak, we were rewarded with great views of the lush landscape.