The top of the beautiful mountain - Ivanshchica is the highest point of Hrvatsko zagorje and also the widest lookout point on the mountain Ivanshchica. The top part of Ivanshchica is occupied by a number of buildings for various purposes, so the top has almost no natural features. today at the highest point stands an iron lookout pyramid 10 m high. This place is great for those who want recreation in nature, because its landscaped trails and lush greenery captivate every climber.

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very good!!!
Its a very nice place to visit. The mountain has various peaks that we enjoyed hiking up and once at the peak, we were rewarded with great views of the lush landscape.
The town has several monuments and historical sites that were definitely worth the visit. My friends and I had a good time admiring the glorious sights. We cant wait to be back.
This is a very quiet and serene place. We loved the accommodations which consisted of mountain lodges that were well managed and had great views. I highly recommend it.
The town has ski resorts that we made great use of since we enjoy outdoor activities. The whole experience was very thrilling. It was worth the trip.