Zlatar Bistrica


By merging the hamlets of Donji Brestovec, Gornji Brestovec and Granchari, today's municipality of Zlatar Bistrica was created. The place was formed next to the mentioned settlements around the newly created railway station on the Zagreb-Varazhdin line in 1911.

The station, and thus the settlement that is located nearby, got its name from a combination of the two nearest larger places between which it is located - Zlatar and Marija Bistrica, hence the name Zlatar Bistrica.

Since 1962, Zlatar Bistrica has been the largest municipality in Hrvatsko Zagorje with approximately 33,000 inhabitants. The municipal seat was located in the center of Zlatar Bistrica, and the municipality itself included today's towns and municipalities Budinshchina, Hrashchina, Konjshchina, Lobor, Mihovljan, Novi Golubovec, Mache, Zlatar and Zlatar Bistrica.

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very good!!!
We boarded the railway and were taken for a short journey to Lobor. The municipality is neat and well organized and the residents were kind to us. Will come back soon.
This town came to be because of the railway station. It is not a small town. I enjoyed cycling around this town as I admired its structural beauty. The buildings were magnificent. The people were so hospitable.
The place has some awesome points and landmarks that we had the opportunity to visit. We had a great time sight seeing and walking around the place. Great views and amazing temperatures.
We went here by train and it was a lot of fun. The people here are also welcoming and it was lovely listening to the historic stories of the place.