The past of Oroslavje is inextricably linked to the past of two Oroslavje castles and several noble families, which were their owners and which left a deep mark in Oroslavje's history. These are primarily the Vojkovich-Vojkffy, Chikulini and Sermage families. The entire economic, social, political and social life of Oroslavje took place around two castles until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, unfortunately, only one castle remains, Oroslavje Donje, once owned by the Vojkovich-Vojkffy family, while the other, Oroslavje Gornje, on the site of today's Astra factory, burned down in 1949. With the arrival of industrialization in the late 1930s, Oroslavje became the largest industrial center in Hrvatsko zagorje, and together with the industrial progress in Oroslavje, a rich social, cultural and sports life began to develop.

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The history of Oroslavje was so fascinating. I loved visiting its castles and learning more about their histories. It was so fascinating. Though it is currently an industrial town, its history is so visible. I enjoyed spending time in this town
very good!!!
Entertaining place to visit on our trip to the place. We had the chance to visit the stadium and the experience was magical. Loved the structure and the tour around led us to some of the amazing achievements of the place. Friendly guide and fun to be with.
One of the exciting things about the place is the history of the place which is interesting. We had the opportunity of learning about it on the tour at the castle. Nice place with lots of fascinating things that are wonderful to watch.