At the foot of Cesargradska gora, between the colorful hills, lies Tuhelj. It was named after the Old Slavic word "tuhl" which means hollow, a moist place which in the Kajkavian dialect explains the word "tuhtina".
The first written document about Tuhlje dates from 1403. Throughout its past, Tuhelj has stood out as a historical, ecclesiastical, political and cultural center. It is here, in Tuhlje, that the Parish Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built, which is widely known for its grandeur and cultural and historical significance. Today, she is a real beauty among Tuhelj huts.
As a political center, Tuhelj regained recognition with the creation of the Croatian state when it became an independent municipality. Its activities encourage the development of tourism, agriculture and other industries.
In addition to public activities, Tuhelj adorns the unity and harmony of his people. Regardless of the problems, the Tuhlians always knew how to find a common language, and this can be seen in the attitude towards guests and tourists.

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It was a thrilling to learn the rich history of this place, that it was named after the old Slavic word "TUHL" which means hollow. I also saw the written document about Tuhjle and it was well detailed. The Church found here is full of cultural and historical life, there is so much to learn from it.
Tuhelj is a historical, political and cultural centre. Its structural designs were so nice and epic. I admired all the structures. They were well decorated. The town was so wonderful. The staff were amazing. I loved visiting the historical and cultural centers in the town
We visited the place with my family for vacation and it was a bliss to be at the place. It has a great story and amazing facilities that we enjoyed. The spa was fantastic and the kids enjoyed playing in the pool and swimming too.
We paid this place a visit and the historic theory based on this place is seen practically through the parish church. The place also has farms that grow various crops and it was so nice.
The Tuhlians were charming and cordial to us, i got to witness their positive attitude towards guests and tourists through how they treated us. They made our stay comfortable and were always ready to guide us where need be. It was a home away from home experience.
The Parish Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary provided us with the spiritual nourishment that we craved for. The interior designs and the structure of the church was spectacular and i couldn't help but gaze at it with a lot of admiration. An ideal place for art and design lovers.
Am delighted that i saw the written document about Tuhjle which was well detailed and explained the rich history about Tuhelj. We toured the farms found here, they grow most of the foods ensuring surplus food supply. We also toured the industries found here as they gave us a snippet into their production from food to chemical to mechanical processing.