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The first mention of Krapinske Toplice dates back to 1334, when the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Toplice is mentioned in the list of parishes of the Zagreb diocese. The first forerunner of today's hospitals in Krapinske Toplice appears in 1609 when the then owner of the spa Franjo Keglevich built xenodochy.It was used for the reception of persons and was located between the church and the baths, followed by the accelerated development of the spa, so at the beginning of the 18th century Krapinske Toplice was the most famous baths.On the hill Zashat recently, during the landscaping of the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, the remains of above-ground houses built of reeds, timber and mud were discovered, as well as the remains of ceramic vessels, part of a round ceramic weight or mat, and a stone artifact-hoe. These are the remains of a high prehistoric settlement, fortified by an earthen rampart from the Late Bronze Age, ie the period between 1200 and 800 BC. Kr. Given the proximity of thermal springs at the foot of the hill Zashat, there is a possibility that thermal springs in Krapinske Toplice have been used since prehistoric times.

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Krapinske Toplice
5.0 (1 review)
Krapinske Toplice
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Krapinske Toplice
4.0 (1 review)

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I had never seen thermal hot springs before. I came to this place to see for myself. It was amazing to see the hot springs. The water was really hot. I went from one spring to another until I got tired. I went back to my hotel and had a cool bath then later ate at an open restaurant while enjoying the view and the cool evening breeze.
Any lover of pre historic churches must definitely come to this place, there are a few churches around here that are built with great design and colour. There are also remains of settlement that are very intriguing to see.
On arrival, I learnt that this place was used as the reception of persons and that it was the most famous baths in the 18th Century.We were lucky to witness the discovery of the remains of ceramic vessels such as stone artifact hoe here. A very educative wonderful tour.
We toured the thermal springs located at the foot of the hill Zashat and were delighted to see the magic of mother nature. I marveled at the creativity depicted in the beautiful architectural design of the church.The house remains made of reeds, timber and mud are some of the sights to behold.
This town is popular because of its famous spas and baths. I was fascinated by its ancient baths and spas. It is such a wonderful and historical site. The people in this town were very friendly. I enjoyed spending time here.
The spas in this place were very fascinating. I was able to see how their technology and structures have evolved over the years. The serene environment was so relaxing. I loved my visit to this place.
I enjoyed learning about the archeological artefacts that were discovered on hill zashat. I was curious to inspect them during my visit in this location. I learned about the prehistoric settlements that existed in the late bronze age. It was a great learning experience.