The name Zabok appears in documents known so far for the first time in 1335 in the deed of gift of the Hungarian-Croatian King Charles I, which, on the recommendation of Slavonian Ban Mikac, donated the estate to Zabok to Petar, son of Nuzlin, because the previous owner Samson died without heirs. The grant was carried out by Ban Mikac, and in 1345 it was confirmed by the heir of King Charles, King Louis I. The heirs of Peter Nuzlin used the predicate de Zabok to be somewhere in the XV. century began to serve the name Zaboky de Zabok.This information also proves that the toponym Zabok does not originate from the name of the family of the owner of the property, but vice versa, the family acquired the name after the property. This is finally understandable and acceptable, because the old Croatian word bok, among other things, means a prominent bend in the river flow. Zabok received the status of a city in 1993.Today, Zabok is becoming a modern and well-kept city with new urban facilities and a quality that attracts young people, making the most of its position, opportunities and resources.

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5.0 (1 review)

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This place was the best for us. We wanted a place where we could go and enjoy ourselves as youths. We came here and found new urban facilities. We went swimming and surfing at the beach and in the evening we went dancing in one of the hotels. We had a great time.
It is a small settlement with a fewer population that does not have much going on, it is a quiet place on top of a hill. It gives a great view of the landscape beyond and the history lesson gave as a small insight about the place
The town is well kept with urban facilities evident everywhere,I loved how modernised this place was showing the power of good maintenance. I had heard stories about King Charles 1 but on stumbling to this place, I got the whole truth after the King. An ideal place for historians.
I got to learn about how a legendary family got to acquire its name after the property. This place is an oasis of peace and tranquility with a lot of history to learn. Will visit this place soon.
This urban city is amazing. The history of how it came to be was fascinating. I was mesmerized by how an ancient city can be modernized and still maintain its cultural heritage. It is a wonderful city with plenty of recreational facilities.
The unique history of change in land ownership in this place was interesting. The place is quite old but its buildings and structures have been well maintained. The architectural design of buildings in this town were fascinating.
The buildings in this region are quite modern which gives a sense of belonging. I enjoyed walking into the ever full cafeterias and restaurants for a delicious meal when I was on vacation. The foods are quite affordable and in great quantity.