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Japica is the highest and in fact the only peak of Cesargradska gora. At the very top stands a telecommunications pole. It is interesting that village houses, unfortunately abandoned today, reach the very top on the other side. Cesargradska gora is the smallest Croatian mountain in terms of area: from one end to the other you can reach it in less than two hours, and it doesn't take half an hour to walk along the ridge. Nevertheless, Cesargradska gora has everything you need to be attractive for hiking and mountaineering: the old Cesargrad fort, a mountain house, lookouts, springs, picturesque meadows, vineyards and forests, and cultural and historical attractions. On some maps, the mountain is marked as Cesarsko brdo, but the name is not common among mountaineers, nor among the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements.

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Cesarska Ves 16, 49290, Cesarska Ves


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