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Vrhovec Farm and Cheese Factory


Vrhovec Farm and Cheese Factory is located in Luka, near Oroslavje. The Vrhovec family has been raising cows and producing milk for the fourth generation. Today they have 70 dairy cows and 70 cattle and calves. Family members are fully committed to working on the farm. They get up at 6 in the morning, milk the cows at 7 and then feed them. They produce all the cow food themselves. Cows spend their free time as they wish, and a large pasture is available to them. Vrhovec cheese factory offers fresh milk, fresh cheese, homemade cream, yogurts with flavors, butter, curd, Skripavac cheese, cheeses with spices, smoked cheeses and much more. Within the farm there is a shop where you can try and buy all the products of the Vrhovec family.

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Food Location

Herendići 4, Pluska, 10296 Luka


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