Ljudevit Gaj Museum


Ljudevit Gaj, as the leader of the young nationally aware bourgeois class, introduced Croatia from the feudal to the modern bourgeois age and turned his people into a nation with all its characteristics (one people, one language, one territory). Although there are many doubts about his political activities no one can deny his cultural merits, he raised Croatia to its feet, awakened an almost dead national consciousness and spread the Croatian language to every corner of the homeland.

The museum, dedicated to him, was opened in 1966 in his birth house, in Gajeva Street at number 14, and exhibits furniture from his time, paintings (oil on canvas, the work of painter Ivan Tishov) - portraits of Gaj and his family, photocopies of his manuscripts, printed texts, books and brochures, and the newspapers and magazines he edited and published.

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Ul. Ljudevita Gaja 14, 49000, Krapina


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