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Klenovnik is the largest Croatian castle. It is located in Klenovnik, Varazhdin County.

The castle was first mentioned in the 13th century when the Hungarian-Croatian King Bela IV took it from Pochuna and gave it to the then ruler of the city of Varazhdin. At the end of the 17th century, King Maximilian sold the castle for 20,000 forints to the noble Croatian families Gashpar and Drashkovich.

In the 19th century, Count Drashkovich sold Klenovnik to get money to rebuild his second family castle, Trakoshchan. Klenovnik was bought by the then Austrian Minister of Finance, Baron Bruck. His family later sold the castle which has since changed owners regularly. Today, the castle is owned by the city of Zagreb and has become a hospital for people suffering from tuberculosis. Before the renovation in 1925, Klenovnik allegedly had 90 rooms and over 365 windows. The castle has a huge and beautiful park, stunning 19th century wall paintings, three baroque altars, a pulpit and the vault of the Drashkovich family.

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