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In 1869, the City Municipality of Varazhdin decided to use its own money to build a new, modernly equipped theater building. The following year, a construction program was drawn up and a competition was announced in which the first prize went to the young Viennese architect Hermann Helmer. According to the requirements of the competition, Helmer designed the building south of the old town, under the roof of which there will be various facilities: in addition to the theater, the building will have a concert hall, restaurant and cafe, reading room and several apartments. Helmer designed the exterior design according to the principle of structural honesty with a clearly visible three-part composition of space (hall - communications - hall). The façade is decorated with Neo-Renaissance features so that the main façade does not stand out particularly in relation to the remaining three, due to the multi-purpose nature of the building and the intention to keep the environment unformed due to the prominent view.

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Ul. Augusta Cesarca 1, 42000, Varaždin


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very good!!!
The classical theadre are important for drama activities. During my visit I enjoyed the igniting performances that were done. A great arena.
Croatian national theadre is a magical arena. It is spacious enogh. We were many and we fitted well.
During my visit, I had the opportunity to watch a drama play and I was impressed ny how they had preserved their cultrre and still maintain their creativity
Spectacular theatre and i had a unique experience watching the shows and it was great and remarkable.
I had quite a relaxing time watching the Classical dramas and music
The architectural style used in the construction of the building is very elegant yet classical. my husband and I enjoyed our tour around
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