The Old Town of Veliki Kalnik


The Old Town of Veliki Kalnik is a complex of fortifications built from the 12th century onwards on the Kalnik mountain near the village of Kalnik. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric and Roman times. The fort was first mentioned in 1243, when King Bela IV. emphasized its importance in the fight against the Tatars. According to the legend, the king took refuge on Kalnik with an escort fleeing from the Tatars. The locals fed them plums, so they got the name plum growers. The Tatars gave up, and the king granted them noble titles. Under Kalnik, the Tatars suffered their first defeat, so Ivan Kukuljevich Sakcinski wrote: "On Kalnik, the Tatars received the first unpleasant greeting from the Croats on Croatian soil." The old legend about plum growers Kalnik encouraged August Shenoa to write the work "Shljivari" (plum growers), and Milutin Mayer to write his historical novel "Tatars in Croatia".
Much of the former fort has been preserved to this day. The fort is visited by numerous mountaineers and excursionists. There is a view of the surrounding areas on all sides. Somewhat to the west, on a ridge, are the remains of the old town of Mali Kalnik.

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42222, Kalnik, Koprivnica-Križevci County


(5 reviews)
very good!!!
A tour around the mountanious town revealed Roman inhabitance. I loved checking out the ruins of what was a powerful town of the Roman King in ancient time.
The town was peaceful and quiet, i enjoyed climbing the hills as i walked around and also the old ruins were beautiful.
All-day I waited for an opportunity to explore the old town. I was able to see the beautiful cathedral first, then explore the old town with its small cafes, terraced restaurants, and quaint shops on narrow lanes. It was lovely!
We enjoyed hiking and visited the old ruin castle at the edge of the cliff. The experience was unmatched with fresh air and the views were stunning. Peaceful and calm place that I loved.
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