Batthyany Castle


Visit Batthyany Castle located in Ludbreg Old Town. It is a square castle with two outbuildings. Traces of the defensive ring of the water supply from the river Bednja can be seen around the castle. The castle consists of a ground floor and three floors, the first of which is much higher. The earliest data on the existence of the fort date from 1320. During the Ottoman campaigns, it was transformed into a Renaissance castle. With the arrival of the Batthyany family, the castle was renovated in Baroque style. At that time the castle and outbuildings were fully utilized. At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle was less inhabited and began to decay. It has been redesigned several times for a variety of purposes. In addition to the chapel of the Holy Cross, the castle also houses an international conservation workshop - the Ludbreg Conservation Center.

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very good!!!
my friends had a tour guide explain to us the several families that have been housed in this castle. it had indeed offered shelter and been a home to many and for it to be renovated and preserved was noble. I was touched.
The visit felt like a Fairy tale. It has a same design as those in princess movies, the artifacts inside and the red carpet were magnificent. anyone looking for adventure should try this place
Awesome restored castle that I visited and it's beautifully decorated on the outside with graffiti at the back.
The international conservation workshop held in the location provide an avenue for continous learning. I learnt a lot on my visit to the beautiful castle.
I visited the Batthyany Castle grounds and the tour guide brought me up to date on all of the equipment used by the knights. The guide then took me on a tour of the castle, including the dungeon and the training area for archers. We then went into the weapon rooms, where we saw bows, arrows, and swords as well as other weapons used at that period. I especially enjoyed seeing a bow that was over 500 yrs old.
the landscaping cannot be missed, theres the Chapel too, and I got a chance to enjoy some fairs at the grounds and a performance. I would say it's a place worth visiting
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