Cazma is located in the Moslavina region of central Croatia, only a 45-minute drive from Zagreb. The historic city has been inhabited from prehistory to the present day. It covers an area of 250 square kilometers and has about 8,000 inhabitants in 36 settlements. Today, Cazma is known for its untouched nature - a paradise for recreationists, hunters and fishermen or simply lovers of natural beauty; the area is rich in cultural heritage and people who nurture old customs; It is widely known for one of the most beautiful churches in Croatia - the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, one of the few parish churches in the country with two towers and a very interesting history.

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very good!!!
Being an art lover, I really had a memorable trip to Chazma. I visited the many art galleries and admired the paintings and other rare ancient collections. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. It was a learning experience.
We visited this town for a family vacation. There is fun for everyone. The kids had a great time in the amusement parks playing games while I enjoyed taking nature walks. The lush landscape was just phenomenal.
We went hunting with some of the villagers where we got to learn several cultures of the inhabitants.The locals are very hardworking and also hospitable to people visiting the place.It is a lovely and beautiful place.
My partner and i went on a picnic and the beauty of the natural vegetation was fascinating. The untouched nature especially from the trees provided a perfect shade for us. We had so much fun.
Chazma is a stunning place, the settlement structure and design are out of this world. As an art lover, I look several pictures which i was going to draw and paint them back at home.Chazma is really inspiring.
I loved the beautiful churches when I visited this place for spiritual nourishment. The churches were clean and the grounds were well kept. I left feeling spirituality uplifted.