The city of Daruvar received four gold, two silver and one bronze award from the Croatian Tourist Board, which confirms that the city is the best-kept small town in continental Croatia. The combination of greenery and urban architecture, cultural diversity and fertile vineyards are one of the reasons that contributed to the flattering title.
Daruvar is a well-known health resort with a tradition of health tourism for more than two thousand years and boasts a rich selection of tourist and recreational facilities. You can certainly complete your experience with a traditional gastronomic offer and wine tasting.
In ancient times it was the capital of the Republic of Iassan, during the Romans widely known patrician thermal spa - Aquae Balissae, which means "very hot springs". In Turkish times it was an important strategic point, later a market, and in the time of Counts Janković, who are considered the founders of Daruvar as it is today, the city was turned into a center for crafts and trade.

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very good!!!
My wife and I love visiting this lovely town. We take nature walks in the lush parks that are nicely shaded by the massive pine trees. The parks are also serene for memorable picnics. We can't wait for our baby to be grown so as to bring him along.
This town has very lovely ancient buildings. I had a fabulous time visiting the castles and admiring their ancient architectural styles. They had huge trees in the courtyards that were fascinating to watch. I look forward to another visit.
Daruvar is a dream come true for every visitor looking to have a restful trip. I always enjoy visiting its lovely museums that have rare collections of weapons, artifacts, and ancient civilizations. The tranquility in this town is just therapeutical.
My friends and I fell in love with this town during our vacation. We especially loved the thermal spas where we could relax in the hot saunas. The whole experience was extremely relaxing.
It was like a dream come true to be in the most well kept town in Croatia as suggested by the Croatian Tourist Board. The greeneries and fertile vineyards contributed to the scenic beauty of this town. I loved every moment here and will definitely visit again.
The urban architecture of the buildings in this town are appealing to the eyes and are eye catcher to every visitor. We tasted a variety of delicious wines offered in the wine tasting rooms. A must visit for every wine lover.