Velika Pisanica


Velika Pisanica is a municipality in Croatia, within the Bjelovar-Bilogora County.The settlement of Velika Pisanica is as long as 13 km, and is thus considered the longest village in Croatia.Pisanica begins its journey in the lowland part, and later, like a lifeblood, it passes through forests, fields and natural meadows into an increasingly hilly part and ends its journey on a hill in the settlement of Nova Pisanica.The development of continental, rural and sports - recreational tourism Velika Pisanica is based on tradition, cultural heritage and untouched nature. Bounded by forests and natural meadows, the Municipality of Velika Pisanica is an exceptional place to relax and escape from everyday obligations. and services, culture and tradition of Bilogora.

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It was an adventurous tour as we went for hike in this beautiful place. It was nature fulfilling to explore the forest and nature meadows that make this destination unique to me. The hilly parts are good viewpoints as they give a panoramic view of the surroundings,.
This place had beautiful hills which were covered with lush greenery. The sight of this hills made me relax and feel at home. I loved the fresh air and the cool atmosphere. Long walks into the countryside were great.
A place to visit and relax and just escape the teh hustle and bustle of the city.I found the visit immensely fun and interesting from the different sites to behold as one travels to the village, It is also rich in tradition and cultural heritage that one can experience. Generally a wonderful and unforgettable experience.
very good!!!