Grubisno Polje


The beautiful Bilogora region is rich in preserved nature, diversity of flora and fauna and many rare and protected animals such as bald eagles, white and black storks, beavers, otters and plants such as Fritillaria, Orchis, Siberian Iris and others.

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Grubisno Polje
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very good!!!
As a lover of geography, this place was like an answered prayer for me. The beauty of the natural vegetation was extremely beautiful, i loved seeing the different kinds of protected and rare animals that gave life to the place.I made some unforgettable memories here.
The unique beautiful unique flowers of different species and colors attracted me when I arrived at this place. I loved to see bees dying from one flower to another in search of nectar. The nature park at this place was amazing. There were animals which were protected and unique bird species. It was amazing to just breath in fresh air at this place.
This place offered a beautiful experience for one to enjoy nature. Seeing rare animals made the visit even more worthwhile. It is a beautiful place for nature lovers and generally any tourist wanting to enjoy nature. I enjoyed the visit.