Virovitica is a city near the Hungarian border, the capital of Virovitica-Podravina County. It is located near the river Drava and belongs to the historical region of Slavonia. Virovitica has 14,688 inhabitants, and the municipality has 21,291 inhabitants. The name Virovitica as magna villa Wereucha first appears in 1234 in Koloman's charter, by which Virovitica received the title of a free royal city. The city was part of the Ottoman Empire between 1552 and 1684.
Virovitica is a city of rich cultural heritage. The beginning of all Virovitica's cultural treasures dates back to the time immediately after the Croatian National Revival; awakened Croatianhood and state, national, historical and cultural consciousness.

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The serene environment and cool temperatures in Slano are just perfect.Anyone can enjoy as I did
Has great sites for museums, castles and architectural buildings to admire and learn the history of Virovitica. This place is rich in cultural heritage.
Virovitica has charming city parks, zoos and botanical gardens that I loved touring during my vacation with my cousin
If you love nature then you will love visiting the waterfalls, mountains and islands in Virovitica. This place has many more to offer and love. I really explored a lot.
We toured the museum found here and were delighted by how different exhibitions were well displayed here including different artefacts. The castle was calm and peaceful and was the perfect spot for us to relax and escape the bustle of the busy town. Will definitely come back.
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