The municipality of Jakshich is located in the center of the Pozhega valley and covers an area of 44.85 square kilometers.
The Jakshich region has many fertile plains in a central position in Pozheshko polje.
Jakshich is located on the site where in the Middle Ages there was a settlement called Sveti Djuradj, as can be seen from documents from 1400 and from the description of the Pozhega boundary in 1545. The name most probably comes from the noble family Jakushich who in the Middle Ages (1373 - 1489) had their estates in this area. The village got that name during the Ottoman rule. At that time, Muslims lived in the village together with Catholics and Orthodox. They had their own mosque, and today's name of the hill Mosque, along the road to Pozhega, is a memory of that period.

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