Nashice is a small town in the heart of Slavonia, which has a beautiful landscape and surroundings that offer everything: from recreational tourism to archaeological tourism and more than 700 years old history of the city. In addition, there is a beautiful lake Lapovac, and for animal lovers an educational park Bizik.
Nashice was first mentioned in 1229, and the secular lords were Abe, David Lackovich, Ivan Korvin, Ivan and Nikola Gorjanski, and the Ilok princes Ujlaky. In ecclesiastical terms, the owners were the Templars, the
Knights Hospitaller and the Franciscans. Nashice was under the Ottomans in the 16th and 17th centuries. More than 230 years ago, the Nashice estate was bought by Counts Pejachevich and held until 1945.

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very good!!!
I enjoyed myself immensely in Nasice. This gentle town has some nice spots to enjoy solitude. It’s lovely cathedrals are just perfect to get lost inside and enjoy the silence.
My parents took us on a trip to this town and we had a blast. The water parks were our favorite as we went swimming and enjoyed every moment of it. Lots of other people to interact with. It was a memorable trip.
Everyone looking to rest should visit Nashice. This town has some of the most beautiful castles that I have ever visited. They are very peaceful and the architectural designs are incredible. I always have a great time.
I always come with my children to this attractive town. They especially love the visits to the farm to admire the beautiful horses. Its always nice to take pictures as they pose with the magnificent beasts. Its a good town for the whole family.
Nashice is a very vibrant town that I loved visiting. The fun here is just amazing, especially for the thrill-seekers. I spent a weekend here climbing its incredible rocks. The views at the top are forever etched on my mind. I recommend it.
I will live to remember our trip to this adorable town. The hotels were very glamorous and the food very savory. It was a lovely experience.