Malinska originated in an area covered with forest and until the 15th century almost without permanent residents. It is mentioned in the 15th century as a convenient anchorage for ships during strong winds. After a long time during which it was a port for the export of wood, with the arrival of the steamer in 1866, Malinska became a climatic health resort of the Viennese aristocracy. The climate here is mild and includes as many as 260 sunny days a year. Today, Malinska is one of the largest settlements on the island, a modern tourist destination with a rich offer.

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very good!!!
We were impressed in Malinska to see vibrancy in old structures such and we were glad to know that they have rich history. Splendid ancient vibe.
I was startled by the gatherings in Malinska when there are events. There are many structures where people gather and enjoy meals together.
We had a terrific time in Malinska as cycled around with bikes. This place has good roads to ride on them. We had alot of fun here.
Malinska proved to me and my friends why it's so popular with tourists. We especially loved visiting the fish spas where we were massaged while watching beautiful fish in magical tanks. The whole experience left us so relaxed and we can't wait to return.
Malinska is a vibrant town full of happy activities to engage in and I visit sometimes 3 times a year. I enjoy its scuba diving and snorkeling experience which is very calming as I watch the beautiful sea creatures.
This is a nice destination spot that my family visits regularly. The kids enjoy the semi-submarine tours as they get to enjoy the beautiful sea underworld. I highly recommend this town for families with kids of all ages.