Miramare Beach


Miramare is one of the main beaches in Njivice on the island of Krk, and south of it you will find several small beaches and bays connected by a coastal waterfront sheltered in a pine forest.

The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for many years, and in addition to the undeniable quality of the sea, you can also enjoy numerous facilities - deck chairs and umbrellas, water sports (jet ski, parasailing, etc.). Also, there are a number of restaurants nearby , beautiful beach bars and other catering facilities. Showers and public toilets are available to the public.

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The first thing i noticed was the blue flag which represented the high maintenance and quality of the beach itself, the deep sea quality was the best i've ever seen and also has many facilities to make the beach enjoyable from deck chairs to skiing, i enjoyed the beach
A glimpse of the horizon of the sightly sea makes visiting this beach worth every penny. The Blue Flag awarded to the beach was well deserved. It is a great place for anyone looking to retreat from work for a day or two. In Spite of being rather crowded , the available public facilities like showers and toilets are sufficient. Add it to your bucket list if you haven't.
The view of the beautiful sea makes visiting this beach worth visiting, everything about it deserves the Blue Flag awarded to it. It is an ideal place for anyone looking to relax and just escape their busy lives. Despite the crowds visiting, the public amenities such as showers and toilet serve the visitors well. A commendable place to visit.
very good!!!
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