Soline Beach


The famous Blue Flag has been blowing on the pebble beach of Soline on the island of Krk since 2013.
The shallow beach Meline in Chizhichi is especially well known. Here, where you can enter the sea more than a hundred meters, during the bathing season, funny scenes happen every day. Many visitors smear themselves with a thick layer of black mud, because the path between the beach and the water needs to be overcome. Black mud from Melina is known as a healing mud and not only does it make the skin more beautiful and radiant, but it is also effective in some diseases such as gout or osteoarthritis. Anyone who would like to bypass public mud baths will find a large selection of mud treatments (with the same medicinal mud) in a slightly more relaxed environment at nearby hotels.

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I loved the fact that a large number of people visit this place just to collect the medicinal mud that it's believed to also be a beauty enhancer. I also took some mud home with me. The beach was worth visiting.
Talk about sea spa treatment! The medicinal black mud would be an absolute favorite for ladies who are obsessed with skin care. Apart from the cool waters and the less crowded areas of the beach, there are hotels where you can get accommodation, spas, refreshments and so on. There is no natural shade, but you wouldn't need it because you will be too busy, bathing in the mud and swimming in the cear oceans
Bathing season was among the best things to happen to us when we visited the beach. Serene environment with pebble beach that was therapeutic to walk across and reach the sea. Wonderful time that we had during our time at the beach and even hotels.
I visited this place during its bathing season and i also enjoyed smearing myself with the mud. I had a relaxing beauty in the mud nap before rinsing myself off . I loved it.
At first i thought it was crazy when i arrived at the beach and saw a lady covered in mud honestly she looked crazy. So my friends and I smeared ourselves in the healing mud and took pictures to see how horrifying we looked. Amazingly the mud works, my skin was radiant and more beautiful.
very good!!!
I really liked the ample and safe parking that was provided near the beach.
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