Malin Draga Beach


Malin Bay is located near the center of Malinska, below the Hotel Malin. Most of the beach is built of pebble and paved plateaus.

Malin Draga Beach is perfect for families with small children due to the abundance of various facilities, including a water park with a slide for children, a beach volleyball court and a number of restaurants and other catering facilities in the immediate vicinity.

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This beach is built of pebble and paved plateaus that make it a nice location to visit to relax and walk along the sea. I enjoyed visiting the beach together with my family, it has enough public amenities for the visitors to use and the various facilities available from a water park with a slide for children to a number of restaurants that ensures a satisfactory visits. Expect a large number of visitors, the experience is the same however. A good place to visit.
The beach offered exemplary services, there were restaurants which served delicious meals and also an ice cream shop which i went for desserts, there is also ample parking space for outsiders and so many activities for kids to partake. Also sporting activities are available
The beach layout is pebble ladden ,with paved plateaus which make it a great location to walk along the sea-shore. I took delight in visiting the beach in the company of my family .It has ample public facilities and a number of facilities available.Among them being, a water park with a children's slide and a couple of restaurants .Visitors turn out in numbers.However, the experience is great all the same.
very good!!!
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