Vantacici Beach


Vantacici Beach is located on the Malinska Riviera, south of the center of Malinska, in the small town of Vantachichi. 400 m long beach Vantachichi is a mixture of pebble and rocky beaches and paved flat plateaus.

Near the beach you will enjoy refreshing drinks and food from several restaurants and bars on the beach. Not far from the beach Vantachichi there are two more beautiful beaches, Valica and Uhich; Valica consists of cascading paved flat plateaus, while Uhich is one of the few sandy beaches.

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The beach is beautiful and has a mixture of pebbles and rocks and also paved flat plateaus.There are refreshments from the variety of bars and also enjoyable foods from the many restaurants nearby. You can also walk to other beaches nearby called Valica and Uhich which are equally beautiful.
Vantachichi beach in the island coast is perfect for boat riding. There so many boat the you could rent in the area and justride in the beautiful clear waters of the sea. The are numerous of activities and beach infrastructure that the people in the beach use.
At Vantachichi beach one can enjoy the view of other two beaches near it. Also near the beach I enjoyed refreshing drinks and food from several restaurants. The beach is a mixture of pebble, rocky beaches and paved plateaus.
very good!!!
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