Dubasnica Heritage House


Standing firm in its place since the middle of the 19th century, this cottage was built out of materials a peasant family may have had at their disposal at that time: pieces of stone tied together with mortar made of sand. The two floors served as two units for housing two families. The ground floor contains two cellars, commonly known as ‘konoba’, used for storing wine and cheese. Sitting on top of the cellar is a terrace (‘balatura’) that served as outdoor space for the families to gather, talk and exchange news.

All the house inventory that survived into the 21st century is still in place - the fireplace, the stone basin, the bread oven, even the small pigsty build next to the house. Because of this, the house is now an ethnographic museum and hosts workshops on various traditional crafts, including traditional music, cooking and the glagolithic alphabet. Occasionally the yard of the house is open for concerts.

The house is open for visits during the weekends between 10:00 and 12:00 and with its rich and interesting history will no doubt provide a wonderful sightseeing experience for everyone.

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Krk Island

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Dubašljanska ul. 32, 51511, Bogovići


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