Starting track "Put lokava"


The Starting track "Put lokava" is 6.1 kilometers long, and it is a joint project of Slovenian and Croatian experts in biology, hydrology, geology, informatics and management of protected areas, supported by European money. The aim of the project is to investigate in detail and valorize the phenomena of karst ponds on Krk. Some were created naturally, and many are the work of human hands.

On the karst relief, where water was a real treasure, our ancestors created puddles in places where rainwater was stored, which they used to irrigate crops, water cattle, put out fires, and sometimes to drink.

In addition to being important to humans, ponds represent a specific habitat for many plant and animal species. We invite you to take 2 and a half hours as you need to tour the entire trail and learn something about the specifics of our island!

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