Rova Beach


Rova Beach is known for its crystal clear sea and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Malinska. This beautiful pebble beach is located in Rova Bay, near the Blue Waves Resort.

Sun loungers and parasols can be rented on the beach, and when you get a refreshing drink, there is also a hotel bar.

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(7 reviews)
This beach is ideal for families with children due to its natural pebble nature. As the kids had their fun my husband and i enjoyed drinks at the hotel bar.
I loved the crystal clear waters of the sea in this beach. The fact that there were no many people here also made it interesting and lovelier. The resort provided accommodation for visitors and the restaurants and bars along the beach offer the most delicious food and refreshing drinks. The trees around the beach offered some shade from the sun and mae the environment so beautiful.
The blue waves surrounding the resort is one of the most interesting feature around this beach. It gives it an attractive scenery which brings attraction to that place. I will raise it a million times.
The warm temperatures at the beach was superb for the vacation ad the beach had parasol and sun loungers for hire that helped with shed. The pebble beach had several hotel bars and spot that we enjoyed having drinks and had fun. Unforgettable moments and beautiful views at the beach.
It has been my dream to pay a visit to this beautiful beach. It is the most visited place during holidays and it offers delicious meals to the visitors. It is very beautiful.
very good!!!
Walking bare feet along the beautiful pebble beach was one of my major activities . Beautiful beach with beautiful people and a beautiful environment.
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