Sveti Marek Beach


Sveti Marek Beach in Risika is one of the few sandy beaches on the island of Krk. Near the beach there is a large parking lot which makes it ideal for families with small children and all other lovers of sandy beaches.

There are plenty of activities on the beach for young children, and for older visitors there are also bars on the beach.

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Sveti Marek beach has lots of grass to lay on and nice shades to prevent one from the heat of the sun. there were also a couple of cafes to chill in. My kids loved the place.
This sandy beach wa sideal for my kids to make sand castles and enjoy some bonding time with them. Sveti Marek Beach is just calm and peaceful and a great way to be able to bond with your kids for sure. The great parking space was a great convenience for sure.The bars nearby offered refreshing drinks after a long day in the sun.This beach is just great for unwinding and for kids to just play around on.
Never been in a place where surfing with lots of fish in the same wave. Sveti Marek beach is one of the marvels of the world. Crystal clear water and as close you can be with nature. Lucky to have been here.
very good!!!
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