Vela Javna Beach


Vela Javna Beach is one of 3 wild, pebble beaches on the road that connects Vrbnik and Risik towards the open sea. The beach can be reached by a narrow asphalt road that ends at Vela Javna, from where the pebble part of the road leads to the beach Sv. Marek in Riski.

This is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Krk and is ideal for swimmers who want to enjoy nature away from the big crowds. In addition, those who enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the cliffs, which are easily accessible, will love this beach. There is also a small pebble beach for dogs nearby.

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Never had I enjoyed a visit to any of the pebbled beaches I'd been to before going to Vela Javna. It's easily accessible cliffs trigger this spectacular adrenaline rush.The beach,relaxing in its own stature-makes you learn to take a moment and breathe .It's the perfect spot for a sunset photoshoot,or just simple admiration for perfection in the azure sky . A swimmer's paradise as well.Heads up!It's quite popular.
I had not expected to enjoy my visit to this pebble beach, from the easily accessible cliffs to the beach itself I felt relax and was able to just clear my mind.I would recommend this place to anyone who loves nature and is escaping the busy city life. A great visit for swimmers with fairly low crowds visiting.
Just a few miles from the small village of risika is the beach, i rented out accommodative space and headed out, the road is covered with pebbles and has pine trees along the coast, the cool breeze was welcoming and the sand was very cheerful to the feet, i enjoyed my therapeutic space alone
very good!!!
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