Magneli Beach


Magneli Beach is a beautiful pebble beach on the west side of the island of Krk, which can be reached by walking along the path from the nearby village of Brzac or by boat, and is therefore suitable for naturists and those who want solitude and peace.

Near the beach is the bay Komoštrin, five hundred meters from Glavotok. This beach can be reached on foot, although the trail is somewhat difficult due to the rocky shore.

There are no facilities or catering facilities on the beach, which guarantees you complete privacy.

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An ideal place for anyone looking for some privacy, solitude and peace, first of all the low number of visiting people adds to the serenity of this beautiful pebbled beach.Accessing it is either by walking or by boat, my wife and I chose to walk, and the scenery during the walk si something any naturist would enjoy. The beach serves the purpose of helping one just relax, however there are no facilities or catering service, but a nice one day visit.
If you're looking for some privacy, solitude and peace,you've arrived at your destination. A few visitors -the serenity of having most of this place to yourself-enticing huh?The beach is beautifully decorated with pebbles .You can access it either by foot or by boat. My girlfriend and I opted to walk,we figured we wanted to enjoy the scenery during the walk. The beach does not offer any facilities or catering services, but it's worth the visit.
There are enough apartments on this beach all in near proximity from the beach, the beach is also very rocky i enjoyed sand bathing here and my privacy was respected since there were only few people here and no social facilities, there is a parking spot for distant tourists as well
very good!!!
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