Pod Beli Beach


As its name suggests, the beach is located below the town of Beli, right next to the harbor. It is beautifully decorated and adorned with large pebbles and clear sea. Accompanying facilities are available, and an attractive zip-line above the sea should be singled out. Solitude can be found on the neighboring beaches of Tepla and Vodice, which are reached by a path over the rocks

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public beach



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51559, Beli


(12 reviews)
I was excited to experience zip lining here. I loved the view of the blue crystal clear sea from above. The beach tour was exceptional.
After touring the magical views of the town went to the beautifully decorated and adorned with large pebbles beach where we enjoyed ziplining and after a day of fun we cooled off with some drinks at the bars around the beach.
Thrilling experience at the beach with some activities such as zip lining that i enjoyed when i visited the place. The views of the sea and the place is amazing and i love the pebble beach that was amazing. Unforgettable moments that we had at the beautiful beach.
I loved how picturesque the beach was. It was beautifully decorated and adorned with large pebbles. I took some photos to create memories.
very good!!!
This has to be the most beautiful vacation destination i have been to in years! The beautiful large pebbles make the sea even more eye catching and breathtaking. the waters are clear and calm, ideal for a beautiful swim. there are also cafes for when you want to grab something to eat or drink and the changing rooms, too. Also, there is a zipline above the sea, making the beach an ideal place to visit with friends. it is not crowded and the natural shade of the trees gives the place a magical feeling.
Pod Beli Beach has fishing cabins and we had an amazing time fishing at the sea and enjoyed the activity.
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