Beli is one of the oldest and in the past the most important Cres settlements. The acropolis-type settlement is located on a 130 m high hill above the eastern coast of the northern part of the island, on the site of a prehistoric hillfort. Today it is a typical coastal settlement of a compact type, rich in cultural and historical sights.

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I was attracted by the rich cultural and historical sights here. I visited the ruins which had passed a test of time. My guide was friendly and knowledgeable. In the evening I enjoyed the sunset while relaxing and talking to the friends I had made.
This small town at the coast was a very great escapade for me, it is so peaceful and has fewer people, the view at the coast is phenomenal the boat rides are exceptional and the food was great. I will definitely be back here
We loved the magical views of the surroundings of Beli from the high hills. It was a wonderful experience to interact with the cordial, charming friendly locals. They made our stay here unforgettable.
As we explored this town, we set our eyes on a variety of cultural and historical sights. The settlement has amazing landscapes which glorify the scenic beauty of mother nature. We enjoyed every minute we spent at this place.
This town has a dense vegetation cover. I enjoyed seeing the view of the beach from the acropolis settlement which is located on top of a hill. This town is the best place to learn about the Cres settlement and cultural heritage. I loved its peace.
The beachein Beli was marvelous and perfect for sunbathing. I really loved how peaceful and quiet this town is. Despite its beautiful and amazing beaches, This town is quite historical. The acropolis settlement is such a historical and cultural thing for the people in this town.
The acropolis-type of settlement in this location pays homage to the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient settlers. I was awed with the high hill settlement structure of the people and learned that it was a type of settlement that was introduced by the ancient settlers of the location.