Selo i trajektno pristanište na sjevernom dijelu otoka. Na brežuljku iznad pristaništa bio je u doba antike svjetionik, po čemu je lokalitet i dobio ime (Pharum insulae). Danas se na tom mjestu nalaze ruševni ostaci franjevačkog samostana Sv. Nikole i gotička crkva iz 15. st. Ostaci zidova i stare crkve su sačuvani i odlični za razgledavanje.

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The ruins of the monastery created a renaissance of architecture , we even a took at the ruins for memories.The old Gothic church is well preserved upto date, i learnt that it was a victim of many robberies and also got burnt in the 16th century. Inside the church, there are Glagolitic inscriptions on its walls.
Being a lover of nature, this place was the best for my vacation. I enjoyed long walks to the countryside. The untouched vegetation and the lush greenery were perfect. The smell of wet soil in the air was amazing. I enjoyed seeing birds chipping and dying from one tree to another. The experience I had here was great.
Main attraction are the sites located here, it does offer a ferry ride that is interesting and just fun. I found the ruins located here to be interesting to visit and just see, hence the history o the village something wonderful to hear.
very good!!!