Vazminec is a small village on the island of Cres. The settlement recorded its largest population at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, and since 2001 it has been completely abandoned and uninhabited, which is why it is often called the Cres ghost town. The settlement is reached by a macadam road from the nearby, larger settlement of Beli, and its center is dominated by a large massive well. Although uninhabited today, the village does not have a developed tourist offer, but it has beautiful beaches and bays where you can completely relax and enjoy the clear sea and untouched nature.

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This small village on the Island of Cres is uninhabited. My friends and I enjoyed spending our time here. It is a ghost town with amazing beaches and clear sea. The nature of this place was so mesmerizing.
Peaceful place with rich nature that is fascinating. The beach is not crowded and is clean and beautiful as we relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the warm sun rays. Remarkable moments and lots of other activities that were interesting.
The bay was great with beautiful nature and amazing landscape that is catchy. We took a boat and went on a cruise around which was amazing to experience. Good times and great music as we had the ride and it was really fun.
very good!!!