It is located in the interior of the island, halfway from the town of Cres to the port of Porozina. The altitude of the place is about 370 m, and the east and west coasts of Cres are 1 km away from the place. It is located on the edge of a hill next to a small karst field and is interesting because of the landscaped landscape.

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The beautiful well laid landscape ushered us to the place, the greenery was exquisite.It's location next to the hill added the beauty to it; we went for hiking along the marked hiking trails and the experience was mind blowing. It's a great place to visit especially for anybody who loves nature.
I wanted a change from the harsh city climate and busy life. This place was cool with less people. I took long walks along the deserted streets to town where I enjoyed local fresh delicacies at the restaurant. The local wine was sweet and refreshing. I made friends with the locals and took pictures. My stay was great.
The landscape is just exquisite, its location gives a wonderful view of its beautiful experience. I especially enjoyed the scenery, well landscaped sceneries a wonderful sight for anybody,Super beautiful place, would recommend to anyone.
very good!!!