Merag is a village and ferry port on the east of the island of Cres. The nearest settlement is the town of Cres (3 km southwest). Merag has only a few permanent residents, and has retained the status of a traditional Croatian village.Next to the place is Meraška jama, a large tectonic cave overgrown with dense laurel forest. Merashka jama is an unusual geomorphological structure carved into the slope, to the left of the ferry port and the village of Merag. This is a rare and very impressive example of the collapse of a valley on the island of Cres. It probably originated in the distant past when the roof of a large underground cave collapsed. The sides of the Meraška Cave are steep and rocky, while at the bottom of the valley a lot of debris and many large boulders have accumulated, as evidenced by the huge fractures and depressions of the rocks that have occurred here in the past.

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What made our curiosity trips successful was the countless guided trips to the caves. merag though small was quite fascinating
The work of art in the various museums are impressive. The sculptures seem almost real and the wooden statues spectacular.
After fun, pomp and activities, we ventured into either a pizzeria or a grill to enjoy a sumptuous lunch. It is unforgettable.
I still wonder how the magical stone palaces of the Renaissance era could still be found today, not in many of places except in Merag.
Small neighbouring islands offered me the much-needed alone time away from my wife and children during the day on stay there. Calm and magical, most are accessible using ferries.
The weather was exactly what I expected in the first place; chilly andsnowy sometimes. The air was super crispy hence indoors with the natural silence around felt great.
We mostly went to the cathedral during our last visit. The old women we used ro meet had unbelievable and charming folktales and myths that we kept begging. for more.