Plavnik Island


The islet of Plavnik, visible from the entrance to the bay of Punat and the town of Krk, looks like a great whale: its head is a 194 meter high hill, and its tail is only a few meters above sea level. The name Plavnik comes from the Croatian word "Plav" which refers to the recognizable dark blue color of the deep sea that surrounds the island. If you are interested in touring the island, rent a boat or book a romantic island cruise. The boat ride from Punta or Krk takes about an hour. But if you want to take more time to explore it, rent a boat and moor on a white pebble beach on the south side of the island. Head slowly into a stone path that takes you through a century-old green oak forest all the way to the top of the island. The island has never been inhabited, but there you can find two stone houses with a chapel that give it a special dose of charm and romance.

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We visited this whale shaped islet of Plavnik to escape the ordinary city life. We booked a romantic cruise to a have a complete tour of the island. we loved every second we spent here.
We visited the place with my fiance and decided to rent a boat to go for a cruise inwards the sea. It was the best decision that we made and we enjoyed ourselves on the cruise with some sweet music on board and the guide was fun and entertaining to us.
This island looks like a great whale. The sea is dark blue in colour. This island has never been inhabited. I took a boat to the island. i toured the Island I saw a chapel and a stone house. The island is surrounded by pebble beaches. It was an epic adventure.
This special Island has a special dose of romance. My husband and I came here for our honeymoon and we will forever cherish the memories that we made here.
We visited the white pebble beach on Island,my kids loved walking bare feet on the beach. A walk through the oak forest as we gasped fresh air from the surroundings was good for my mental health. This was my healing place, the peace and quietness helped me meditate and find myself again.
The appearance of the lake was an eye catcher to us on arrival here, it looks like a whale,it has a head and tail. We rented a boat to tour the Island and the boat ride experience was superb. We saw a charming stone house chapel during our tour in a boat.
very good!!!