Kosljun Island


Kosljun is a small island located near the towns of Krk and Punat on the island of Krk. The locals call it Mostir. It is a real little gem - a forest nature reserve and a cultural monument. There is a very interesting legend about the origin of the islet. Namely, the whole Puntarska Draga Bay was a field cultivated by two brothers, one of whom was blind. Although they worked together on the land, during the division of the harvest the brother deceived the blind brother. God was angry with this and submerged the whole field with the sea, and preserved only the house of the blind brother with the surrounding property. In Roman times there was a rustic villa on the island. In the 11th century, on the foundations of the villa, the Benedictines built the monastery of St. Mary, of which only the Romanesque tower has survived. In the 15th century, the Benedictines left and the Franciscans arrived. From 1894 to 1928, the Franciscan Gymnasium operated on the island, the first Croatian gymnasium in the then Austro-Hungarian province of Istria. The Franciscan monastery is still active today. Kosljun can be reached from Punat or Krk by boat. Swimming is not allowed on the island, except for monks on the closed part of the coast. In summer, concerts of classical and sacred music are held in the atrium of the monastery.

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Fishing was an activity we did almost most early evenings before darkness. i enjoyed it and even learnt a few things about it.
I learnt how to drive a boat as it was the only way we could get across to the other side. It felt so good learning a new skll.
The night was the best as it was when the natives displayed their culture. I felt as one of them and enjoyed learning new things.
On the last day of our vacation my wife and i had a romantic dinner inside a cave. it was well lit and the most beautiful thing ever. I felt so excited and my wife was happy.
My family and i got to play beach soccer and volleyball on the beach. It was so exciting and we had lots of fun.
In the eveneing we sat by a fire and star gazed by the beach. The beach was so soothing that it sent me and my children to sleep.
The island was one of my favorite places.I loved touring the museum and taking pictures of its natural beauty especially the green vegetation here