Not far from Dobrinj is the Biserujka cave, which delights with its beauty and interestingness of precipitated forms. It is the only cave on the island thataccording to legend, it was named after the treasure hidden in it by local pirates. Dobrinj is also known for its colorful folk costumes, folklore events, sopela school (Krk wind instrument) and traditional local cuisine.

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My children wanted an active vacation leading me to choose this place. They played many games including swimming hide and seek in the nearby bushes and later we strolled to the town where we bought clothes and ate delicious meals at the restaurant. It was a good vacation for them.
When we got to the town we were encouraged to first visit the cave there and it was beautiful on the inside and we were also given a small history about it. At night we enjoyed a small folk costume dance by the locals as we enjoyed their traditional cuisines. It was amazing
During our visit to this place we had the privilege to taste different traditional local cuisines. I especially loved the black prosciutto which was cooked to perfection and served with delicious soup. Will definitely come back for more.
We stayed at the Biserujka cave whose beauty is magical and a good backdrop for photoshoot. I was delighted to see the precipitated forms in the cave. In the evenings we engaged in folklore events with the charming locals
Dobrinj is really a historical and diverse town. I really enjoyed every moment I spent in this town. I visited the Biserujka cake and It was quite an adventurous experience. The Island also has Infeld gallery. I would recommend this gallery for art lovers. Its creativity just blew my mind.
The beauty of this town is on another level. This town is full of historical places and a wonderful scenery. I really enjoyed visiting this place. The Biserujka cave was a thrilling experience.The people here were so hospitable.
The Biserujka cave in this location is a delightful sight. I learned that the cave was named after the treasure that was hidden in it by pirates in ancient times. I was also awed by the precipitated forms around the walls of the cave which added to its beauty.