Not far from Dobrinj is the Biserujka cave, which delights with its beauty and interestingness of precipitated forms. It is the only cave on the island that
according to legend, it was named after the treasure hidden in it by local pirates. Dobrinj is also known for its colorful folk costumes, folklore events, sopela school (Krk wind instrument) and traditional local cuisine.

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We visited the cave with my friends and enjoyed the beholding beauty of the precipitated form of the cave. We joined the locals in the folkwore events and interacted with them, they were cordial and friendly to us.I loved their traditional local cuisine
we visited a cave in Dobrinj that was extremely beautiful, we also sampled the traditional local cuisine and participated folklore events and purchased colorful folk costumes as a souvenir from our trip.
Nature solidifies the place with great vegetation and i loved how beautiful the place is. Clean streets with awesome buildings that gives a touch of the originality of the place. We enjoyed a walk around the place and were fascinated by the beauty of the area.
I visited Dobrinj and I was able to visit the Biserujka cave. It was quite an adventurous experience. I also walked past the streets of this town and its architectural design just caught my eye. They were well painted and planned. I loved it
I came here to enjoy the traditional local cuisine, The colorful folk costumes, and folklore events were amazing.
very good!!!