Klimno is located on the east side of the island, which has a long tourist tradition and is known for its rich catering offer in restaurants that offer seafood and other specialties with indispensable indigenous wine, as well as apartments and private villas. Klimno Bay includes the towns of Klimno, Soline and Chizhichi, where the chapel of Sv. Clement.

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It is known for its catering offer in restaurants that offer seafood and other specialities complimented by indigenous wines. I can attest that it's true, their services are excellent. The indigenous wine is delicious and a must try.
i wanted a food tour and my friend reccommended me this place and i must say, i was impressed. This places presents catering offers and has multiple restaurants with various specialties and a range of wines. i stay in a private villa and i am ready planning for a revis
We visited a restaurant at the place and the reception at the place was amazing. We enjoyed some of the fine, well prepared seafood and had a taste of the unique wine selections. The services were great and the menu at the place was spectacular too.
Klimno is really an old town with a good history of tourism. I loved touring this town. It had wonderful accommodation facilities. Both ancient and modern.. I enjoyed my stay here. The peace and quietness was worth it.
I enjoyed visiting this place for its wines and classic foods. The waiters here were friendly. The hotels here were also very affordable and had all the things i needed in abundance
very good!!!