Klimno is located on the east side of the island, which has a long tourist tradition and is known for its rich catering offer in restaurants that offer seafood and other specialties with indispensable indigenous wine, as well as apartments and private villas. Klimno Bay includes the towns of Klimno, Soline and Chizhichi, where the chapel of Sv. Clement.

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The sea foods here were delicious. I enjoyed a lazy time at the beach reading my new book. I also made new friends who were willing to teach me how to surf.
The seafood here was cooked well, i enjoyed it as i was sipping on some fine wine that was offered. Their prices were amazingly cheap i had to dive in. Same to their apartments, they were so well maintained and price friendly and give a great view of the waters
At the chapel of Sv. Clement we got the chance to nourish our spiritual growth. I loved the beauty and the calmness in the towns of Klimno, Soline and Chizhichi which offered with lots of sights to behold. Must visit again.
True to the reviews I had read about this place, it's catering services are on top notch. In the restaurant we tasted seafood and other specialities and the foods were fresh and cooked to perfection.The wines complimented the meal.
The bay of Klimno is known for its deep waters. I had an epic experience Scuba diving. The view of the underwater was was marvelous. The town is just small. Its sandy beaches were fantastic for a family picnic. I had a memorable experience on this bay.
I would recommend this place for an underwater experience. Seeing The life beneath the waters was amazing. Its waters were really deep. I had a wonderful time snorkelling in its waters. It was amazing and therapeutic.
Dining in the restaurants, cafes, and eateries in this location and experiencing their rich catering was an experience that made my vacation with my fiancee more exciting. I loved the seafood specialties and indigenous wines of Croatian label.