Silo is a tourist place located on the northeast side of the island, opposite the Crikvenica Riviera. Although Silo is today a tourist center of the Dobrinj region, it has always been a fishing and maritime place. The first ferry on our Adriatic coast sailed from Silo to Crikvenica.

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The tower at the was the first place that i made sure i visited. We also had some of the fishing activity lined up for us as a group on our trip and it was the best thing that we didi and enjoyed throughout.
The birds chirping in the woods and the serene environment at this place were amazing. I loved the smell of different flowers and the greenery was amazing. This place had a beautiful nature park that calmed my nerves. I loved it here.
The structures at the place were superb with a catchy voice that introduces us to the amazing landscape of the place. Sparkling place with wonderful places to visit. We toured the tower at the place and it was unforgettable.
We went fishing with my friends and the experience was unique. We had fun, made some jokes as we talked and had ourselves the best days. Lovely guide and the activity was thrilling with a catch which was a mile stone.
We went sailing at the sea with my friends and they had amazing things to do. I loved the utmost preference of the sea cruise and the fun that we had on the boat. Unmatched experience that we loved to do.
De Whitte
We engaged in fishing activities here and i was excited to catch a fish in the first attempt of throwing the fish net into the water. The guide informed us that the first ferry on Adriatic coast sailed from Shilo to Crikvenica.I loved every bit of my stay here and will definitely visit the place soon.
I visited this place last saturday and i had a breathtaking experience. i participated in some activities such as fishing and i had a relaxing time. i also learnt that the first ferry on adriatic coast sailed from here.