Njivice lake


The lake is located not far from Njivice, only a hundred meters from the road that connects Omisalj and Malinska. As the largest natural freshwater habitat on the island of Krk, it is extremely important for the preservation of biodiversity values ​​on the island of Krk. It is also specific in that numerous wetland and freshwater vegetation types have developed in it and its immediate surroundings, which are otherwise rare in the karst environment. The lake is also important as a site for migratory and wintering birds. Visitors can enjoy the various paths that branch off through the karst terrain and the view of the green oasis, can be accessed on foot or by bike.

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very good!!!
The karst scenery of this place was so amazing and spectacular. The biodiversity in this lake region was so splendid and amazing. I would recommend this place for nature lovers. It was so spectacular
As a research scientist i was really amazed and impressed by the flora and fauna species in this area. The lake is well preserved and is the largest water habitat on the island, The scenes were really beautiful
The camping activity just beside the lake really taught me alot of basic survival tactics. Watching the birds was also another great activity, the birds were beautiful and made beautiful chirping sounds from the trees and lake. I loved the experience.