Narrow streets predominate in Vrbnik, so it is not surprising that the narrowest street in the world is located right here.
Blazh Baromich is the founder of the first known Croatian Glagolitic printing house in Senj, which greatly contributed to the Croatian cultural heritage. Since he was born in Vrbnik, a monument was erected in his honor,
the small place is full of features of a long history as evidenced by the various sites and monuments scattered throughout the place. It is also known for its viticulture, where the world-famous Zhlahtina is bottled and produced, and it is best to try it at the place where it is produced.

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My girl squad and I really think Vrbnik is Europe's capital for fun. We had an exhilarating moment as we enjoyed the banana boat and crazy ufo rides. This was so much fun!
Vrbnik turned out to be a very magical place. I especially had an adrenaline rush experience when I went waterskiing. The motorboat roar plus the waves left me thrilled. I already recommended this town to all my friends.
My friends and I had a great time in this town. We especially enjoyed visiting the vineyards to learn about the growing of grapes to make wine. The guides were very knowledgeable and we also tasted exotic wine. I highly recommend!
My family brought us here for a vacation and I fell in love with Vrbnik. I especially had fun snorkeling and nearly caught a cute octopus. I will live to remember this town!
I enjoyed my trip to Vrbnik immensely. I went scuba diving for the first time and a professional dive really guided me. I was very excited to finally do it and was instantly addicted. I cant wait to come back again to this magical town.
Vrbnik was a very fun place to vacation. After all the adventurous activities during the day, I relaxed at the elegant coffee cafes that were so serene and warm. They calmed me a lot and I was deeply rested at the end of the trip.
My wife and I had a terrific time in Vrbnik on our honeymoon. The highlight was parasailing in the sea enjoying the paradisical views of this town. We recommend this town to all couples looking to have a memorable honeymoon.