Ethno Museum "The Old House of Vrbnik"


This stone house in Vrbnik on the island of Krk was built in the early 16th century by the Feretich family and remained in their possession till recently, when the last of the original owners’ descendants passed away. It stood empty and almost forgotten until new owners gave it a new lease on life by turning it into an ethno museum.

All the riches the house had been hiding are now on permanent display. The old furniture that survived into the 21st century (beds and wardrobes and gorgeous wooden trunks included), dish ware, lace decor, period clocks and photographs, a crib, even an old sewing machine and an old loom - all have been rescued from the claws of time to show the visitors what life in the old days looked like as faithfully as possible.

The architecture of the house has retained the charming rural look with restored wood beams and the central hearth, so there’s no doubt you will feel like you’ve stepped back in time the moment you step inside. The house is owned by the Larin family and has been open since 2017. You will find it easily, only a minute’s walk from the Vrbnik Tourist Office.

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