Loznati is a small, almost uninhabited settlement on the island of Cresuood with only 37 inhabitants.The place is barely six kilometers away from Cres, known primarily for its excellent gastronomy. Namely, the inn that is located right here is the reason for coming to the island for many people. Top-quality Cres lamb, traditional cuisine with locally grown ingredients, is served here.The place is also known for the nearby archeological site of Lovreshki.

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This small settlement is uninhabited. I enjoyed seeing the nature and ancient buildings. Its environment was so serene. It has a rich history. I enjoyed spending some quiet time in this town. It was so peaceful
The culture of the people at the place is interesting. We had the chance to enjoy some of the delicacies prepared at the place with dishes served that are traditionally prepared. Great meals that are fascinating and hospitable people.
The history of the place is interesting and i enjoyed the tour around the place. I had the chance to take the tour around and visited the archeological site around and it was an amazing experience. Unforgettable moments with my friends at the place.
very good!!!