Island of Cres


The island of Cres is located in the northern part of the Kvarner Bay. Easily accessible, the island can be reached by ferry from the island of Krk or from the Istrian peninsula on the west side. From a distance this island seems like a rough chain of hills; even when you visit an island, you will often find it bare. One of the reasons for this characteristic is precisely the position of Cres; namely the island is not protected from the cold wind Bura blowing from the mainland, so in the western part of the island is mostly low vegetation, and only on the east side of Cres you can find lush deciduous trees. Friendly locals, beautiful pebble and sandy beaches, preserved environment and clear sea are the main tourist attractions and advantages of the island. As for accommodation, there are only two hotels on the island, right next to the beach that will allow you a top vacation.

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Island of Cres
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We had a remarkable experience in the beaches of Cres (island). It has a long stretch and the water here is crystal clear
We had the best experience ever in Cres (island) as a family. The big waves are amazing to dig in and we had a lot fun here.
I love the atmosphere of Cres (island) for it is lively and joyful. Coming to this place is great for the view of the sea is so amazing from here.
We were delighted to see beautiful villages in Cres (island) that are preserving culture and they have knowledge of production. Splendid things happening here.
I found it memorable to understand the history of Cres (island) and how it was a defense town from the times of old.
We truly believe that Cres (island) is a beautiful place for honeymooners and for they have many good resturants around. Cool place to be.
I had a joyful experience in Cres (island) when I went for snorkeling and the discovering of the hidden things like caves under water.